Hemp Drying & Hemp Flower Processing Service

  • Hemp Drying (hanging) & Hemp Flower Processing Services Include:
    • Hang Drying 
    • Bucking
    • Trimming
  • RESERVE YOUR HEMP DRYING SPOT TODAY!!!  Get started by Contacting us or filling  out "HEMP DRYING SERVICES FORM" and we'll contact you within a few hours.
  • 24 hour run time during the harvest season
  • Hemp Drying Based out of Aurora Oregon

Watch our video Hemp Drying Video Below

Hemp Drying
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Hemp Drying

We will hang your hemp harvest until the plants are between 10% – 15% moisture.  This is Ideal for Hemp Flower

Hemp Bucking

After hang drying your hemp harvest we will buck each hemp plant off of its stem.  Getting it ready for trimming hemp flower or hemp biomass grinding.

Hemp Trimming

After bucking your hemp plants we will machine trim your harvest in our tumblers for market ready hemp flower buds & nugs.

Hemp Curing & Packaging

 When your hemp flower trimming is complete we will secure your hemp flower in our curing facility, stir & “burp” for an hour a day until flower is cured to your standards.  

Sell Your Hemp Flower/Biomass

Post your wholesale hemp flower or biomass for sale in our shop page for FREE!!! And take advantage of our e-check processing with a limit of over $250,000!!! We will act as a middle man and verify your hemp flower for a faster and more efficient transaction.

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